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My name is (Stephen) Graham Warley, I’m 25 years old. I speak English, French and German. I started in the Hospitality industry when I was 13 and I’ve been working behind bars and in dining rooms ever since. This is the only profession I have ever done. In 1997 our family moved to Vienna,Austria, since then I have lived in the South of France, Melbourne, Australia and Cairo, Egypt – working in different hospitality environments every time. I spend most of my time outside of Canada, but love coming back to share my experiences and bring a global feeling to every situation. I attended college, and got my degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management with our General Manager Zach Cooksley, and we have since worked at Öviinbyrd Golf Club for two seasons together, before being reunited here. I love wine and beer, I spent my college internship working in the vines, and in the winery of Château Pesquié. Cocktails are my brothers area of expertise, but little bits of his wisdom have (hopefully) rubbed off on me. I came back here to team back up with my friends and colleagues in the front of house, as well as in the kitchen, to help provide another community with some great service, and top quality products and have a lot of fun with you doing so!


  • Born and raised in Guelph,Ontario
  • Worked in Food Services at the University of Guelph before going back to school at Conestoga College for Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  • Worked for three years at the Oviinbyrd Golf and Dining Club in Foots Bay, Ontario. Originally went up for 1 year on a school working coop as a server, next two years was spent as one of two restaurant managers and overseeing the wine program and specializing in tasting menus and food pairings for multi course menus and winemaker dinners and private catered events.
  • This was seasonal work and in the off season while finishing school I did a mix of some restaurant and consulting work, helping turn around a steakhouse north of waterloo and helping the owner of Oviinbyrd launch a luxury private travel company online
  • After a third season at Oviinbyrd I made my way to Nota Bene Restaurant in Toronto (which I’m sure you are familiar with), and worked for Yannick Bigourdan and Chef David Lee for just shy of 18 months as one of their restaurant managers and sommelier and overseeing dinner service and the wine program.
  • In this time at Oviinbyrd and Nota Bene I completed and received my Intermediate Level Certificate in Wine Studies through the International Wine Education Guild ( IWEG ) and my Advance Level Certificate through the Wine and Education Spirit Trust.
  • My interests include wine, food, biking, golf, and I love going out to eat with friends and try different restaurants and foods.


  • Worked at Langdon Hall in Cambridge for 2 years (5 diamonds, Relais & Chateaux)
  • Staged at Hotel Ferrero in Spain for 2 Months (With Justine)
  • Worked at Oviinbyrd for 6 years (Super Exclusive golf club and restaurant on foots bay, Muskoka)
  • Attended the Stratford Chef School
  • Favourite Food to Cook – South Western
  • Favourite Food to Eat – East Indian Curry
  • Favourite Celebrity Chef – Thomas Keller of The French Laundry
  • Favourite Beverage – Collingwood Whisky and Canada Dry


  • Worked at Verses Restaurant In Kitchener for 2 years (4 diamonds)
  • Staged at Hotel Ferrero in Spain for 2 Months (With Jay)
  • Worked at Oviinbyrd for 3 years (Super Exclusive golf club and restaurant in foots bay, Muskoka)
  • Attended the Stratford Chef School (Graduated with Honors)
  • Favourite Food to Cook – pasta, bread
  • Favourite Food to Eat – Thai food
  • Favourite Celebrity Chef – James McGuire (bread head)
  • Favourite Beverage – Somersby Cider


  • Worked at Earth for 2 years
  • Bounced around Toronto Restaurants looking for opportunity
  • Humber College for culinary
  • Work Experience – Bloom, Vila, and Earth Bloor West (all in toronto)
  • Favorite Book–  Eleven Madison Park
  • Favorite Cooking Style – Molecular Gastronomy
  • Idol Chef – Thomas Keller
  • Favourite Food – Vegetarian